Urinating in Public

What is the Offence?

It is an offence under the Queensland Summary Offences Act to urinate in a public place. For the purposes of this offence, a ‘public place’ does not include a facility in a public place that is designed for use as a toilet. This means that a person can use a toilet even if it is in a public place.

What is the penalty?

The standard penalty for a public urination offence is 2 penalty units which is about $200. However if the offence took place within licensed premises or withing the vicinity of such premises, the fine doubles to about $400.

Importantly, a person can have a conviction recorded against their criminal history for an offence of this nature. Criminal convictions can prevent people from traveling overseas or gaining certain employment. Therefore for most people, the recording of a conviction if more serious than a financial penalty.

How we can help you

At Harper Finch Lawyers, we know how to argue for a conviction to not be recorded on your criminal history. This will make sure that this incident does not negatively impact the rest of your life. Call us now on 3112 5232 to discuss your options.

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