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What are sexual offences

Sexual offences are any offences that have a sexual element to them, including sexual assaults, inappropriate touching of a minor and rape.

These types of offences can be extremely complex. There are a number of relevant factors that will need to be examined at a trial, including the nature of the relationship between the accused and the alleged victim, whether consent was given by the alleged victim, the age of the alleged victim and so on. These matters are further complicated when the alleged offences took place many years earlier and were only recently reported, which can make it hard for the accused to produce evidence in his or her defence.

Sexual offences are generally heard in the District Court but there are certain circumstances when they can be heard in the Magistrates Court.

What is the penalty

The penalty depends on the type of offence being alleged and the circumstances of the alleged offence.

Sexual offences are treated very seriously by the courts, particularly if children are involved or where there were aggravating circumstances such as the use of violence. The maximum penalty for sexual offences is life imprisonment. If a person is convicted of a sexual offence against a child, they can also be placed on the Australian National Child Offender Register.

How we can help you

Sexual offences are very serious and can have lifelong consequences for convicted offenders. If you have been charged with a sexual offence, you need to make sure that your rights are being protected and that you receive the best advice and guidance, and we can provide you with this. We will use our knowledge and experience in matters similar to yours to make sure that the outcome is the best in all the circumstances.

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