What To Wear To Court

What To Wear To Court

What should you wear to court and why is it so important?

Hi, my name is Dave and I’m a Brisbane criminal lawyer and that’s what we’re going to be discussing right now.

If you need to go to court, your clothing is probably the last thing you’re thinking about.

You’re worried about what’s going to happen to you: what sentence the judge will give you, whether you’ll win your trial, what sort of evidence you’ll be giving and those sorts of things.

Those are all hugely important and it’s natural to be concerned.

But why is it so important to dress properly?

Because you want to make the best impression possible and you do this by showing respect to the court.

If you’re being sentenced by a judge, you want that judge to be thinking about all the good things about you. You don’t want the judge to be judging you based on your outfit.

If you’ve got a trial in front of a jury, you don’t want them to assume you are guilty simply because of the way you dress.

So one of the easiest ways you can get a better outcome in court is to simply dress appropriately.

First, let’s first discuss what not to wear.

Don’t wear shorts, singlets, miniskirts or thongs. These will just make you look like you’re dressed for the beach, not for a courthouse.

Definitely don’t go into a courtroom wearing a hat or sunglasses. This is likely to get you kicked out of the courtroom and that’s not going to make a good impression.

So what should you wear?

The best advice I’ve heard is to dress like you’re going to a wedding, a funeral or a job interview.

Basically, the smarter, the better.

If you feel comfortable wearing a suit, go ahead and wear a suit.

However at the very least, a long-sleeved collared shirt and long pants for men would be good.

For women, pants or a skirt that goes below your knees would be suitable.

No matter what you wear, just aim for smart and conservative and you’ll be on the right track.

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