The Death of Rego Labels in Queensland
30 Sep

The Death of Rego Labels in Queensland

For anyone who has ever struggled to replace their registration labels without leaving a mess, now is your time to rejoice. As of 1 October 2014, the Queensland Government will no longer require most drivers to display a registration label. This means that you can legally remove the sticker from your vehicle if you want to. This is optional and you won’t be fined if you keep displaying the label, until it expires.

It also means that when you register your vehicle in the future, you won’t receive a new registration label.

Please keep in mind that this change does not in any way affect the requirement to register your vehicle. Driving an unregistered vehicle is an offence and you can be taken to court if charged with unregistered driving.

Contact Harper Finch Lawyers if you have any questions about the changes to displaying registration labels.





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