10 Sep

Careless Driving or Dangerous Driving?

If you are charged with an offence of dangerous driving in Queensland, you should immediately seek legal advice from an expert criminal lawyer. This is an extremely serious charge and depending on the facts of the case, could result in a period of imprisonment.

A person can be charged with dangerous driving if their driving could be objectively viewed as being dangerous, given the particular circumstances of the case. Such driving could include driving at extremely high speeds or intentionally driving in a manner which could cause harm to other people or property. The offence is made even more serious if any person was actually harmed as a result of the driving.

However depending on the facts of the case, a charge of careless driving might be more appropriate. As opposed to dangerous driving, careless driving is where a person may, for example, become distracted by something and then drive into the back of another car. Consequently, many drivers who cause minor traffic accidents are charged with careless driving offences because the accident often happened because the driver failed to pay sufficient attention.

A careless driving charge is generally considered to be a much less serious offence than dangerous driving. Therefore if you have been charged with dangerous driving, contact us now to to seek advice about whether you should have in fact been charged with a careless driving offence.

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