Case Studies

At Harper Finch Lawyers, we like to think out of the box. We apply our creative approach to the law to find the best solutions for clients, whatever legal problem they may have. Here are some examples where we have helped our clients.

Case study 1:

John (not his real name) was charged with a high speed driving offence. A conviction for this offence results in an automatic loss of licence for six months but John of course did not want to lose his licence for any period of time.

He approached Harper Finch Lawyers and told us that he was going to take the matter to a trial and had already arranged for barristers to represent him, but he just needed a solicitor to perform some administrative work. After hearing John’s story, we suggested that we try to negotiate the facts of the charge with the prosecutors to see whether we can help him. John agreed and we began negotiations with the prosecutors.

Within days, we received notice that the prosecutors would agree to vary the alleged facts which meant that John would only be charged with a lesser speeding offence. John pleaded guilty to the lesser offence and as a result, his licence was not suspended and he was able to continue driving. This saved John not only the stress of going to trial (where the outcome was uncertain), but also significant costs that would have been incurred for a trial.

Case study 2:

Michael (not his real name) was charged with serious drug-related offences. The initial allegations against him were very serious and he was looking at spending time in jail. However we discussed the charges with the prosecutors and they agreed that the charges they had laid against Michael were far more serious than they should have been.

As a result of these discussions, Michael’s offences were regarded as being much less serious and so was assured a much more favourable outcome.