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Harper Finch Lawyers are based in Brisbane but we regularly appear in all courts throughout Queensland We are willing to take that extra step to help our clients. 

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“David went above and beyond my expectations which provided me with an outcome that I didn’t know was possible. Thank-you David and all the team at Harper Finch Lawyers – TZ”

“I received the best possible outcome of what could have potentially been detrimental to my current life situation. I’m so glad that I hired a lawyer. He was amazing and friendly. – KR”

“David, I would like to thank you for your service. The outcome could not have been any better. You have a very personable, humble and pleasant manner and your support was appreciated. – TB”

“I would like to thank Mr David Abrey for the excellent service he provided to me. He provided me reassurance and was open and friendly towards me. – AW”

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